The Bankruptcy Of Santa’s Workshop

See how a few indiscretions by Santa Claus, the North Pole’s CEO, could cause the whole workshop to come crashing down in this hilarious holiday infographic. Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a Wonderful New Year!

The Flag Of Bankrupt Presidents

Certainly the most conspicuous president on this Flag is Abraham Lincoln, who suffered from depression and cash shortages his whole life. A failed business; the challenge in finding your best place in life; destructive spending habits; and fights in the marriage remain as emotional weights for many of us in the struggle to cope with […]

The Baseball Bankruptcy Hall Of Fame

By now most people know that fame, talent and big contracts don’t guaranty financial security. Most of the great athletes featured in this infographic The Baseball Bankruptcy Hall of Fame have played in the Fall Classic, but all had to face the facts that they needed help to overcome the dangers of bad investments, bad judgment and bad luck. […]

The Bankruptcy Red Carpet

In this season of awards shows, tuxedos and paparazzi it bears remembering that celebrities stumble and fall just like the rest of us. Some bounced back, lifted by their fame and talent, while others struggled through obscurity and financial distress.

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