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The Bankruptcy Red Carpet

In this season of awards shows, tuxedos and paparazzi it bears remembering that celebrities stumble and fall just like the rest of us. Some bounced back, lifted by their fame and talent, while others struggled through obscurity and financial distress.

Dream With Your Eyes Open

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. He looked around the world and decided it could be a better place. There’s probably no more famous dreamer than Dr. King. With his eyes open he told us about his vision for dignity, equality, and justice. It’s easy to turn off the world. We can let […]

NFL Bankruptcy Tailgate Party

Despite thrilling us every weekend with their on-field skills, these NFL stars proved incapable of managing the millions of dollars they earned during their professional careers. Some simply invested their money in high-risk ventures that had little chance of success. Others were victims of their own “too much too fast” impulses. All of them found […]

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