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Creditor’s Rights: 6 Tips to get the Information You Need in a Deposition In Aid Of Enforcement

Creditor’s Rights: 6 Tips To Get The Information You Need In A Deposition In Aid Of Enforcement In many lawsuits, the real challenge begins after the plaintiff becomes a judgment creditor by winning the judgment. Collecting from the defendant can feel daunting, even impossible. Sometimes defendants have transferred their assets, hid their assets or have […]

Bankruptcy And The Frozen Bank Account

Bankruptcy And The Frozen Bank Account: Keep Your Money On Deposit Safe When deposit account holders write a check or make a withdrawal, they may believe that they are accessing their own money, but that is not precisely true, for important reasons. What is actually happening is that the account holder is making demand upon […]

Forbearance Agreements Can Prevent Bankruptcy

Use A Forbearance Agreement To Negotiate With Your Creditors And Stay Out Of Bankruptcy Anyone in business will tell you that bumps come up in the road. Temporary dips in sales, problems collecting accounts receivable, even adding expense to manage a potentially profitable new line of business may all contribute to creating a cash flow […]

Federal Foreclosures Offer Flexibility At A Price

Foreclosures are amongst the most local kind of law there is: every state and county has its own procedure for allowing lien creditors the right to force a sale of property to pay down the debts secured by the real property in its jurisdiction. In judicial foreclosure states, the note holder files a lawsuit asking […]

Foreclosure Innovation for Landlord Bank

Guernsey Bank is a small, privately owned Ohio bank that is approaching bank foreclosures in a revolutionary way: they are fixing up homes and renting them out until the right buyer comes along. This practice is contrary to most banks’ tendency to credit bid on their foreclosure auctions, keep the usually beaten-up properties vacant and […]

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