Commercial Litigation

Baltimore Commercial Litigation Lawyer Representing Businesses throughout Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

While legal matters can significantly disrupt an individual’s finances, work, and personal life, the impact on a business is often much more drastic. Not only are the objectives of a business at stake—whether it is to provide a service or product to consumers—but also the welfare of any employees, physical property, loans and contracts that the business has assumed responsibility for.

Litigation of any kind can be costly, both financially and in terms of time. Often, businesses become engaged in disputes with banks or other financial institutions that have loaned the company money. Usually, this type of dispute is ignited by the business defaulting on a loan, starting a chain of events that can lead to the bank taking legal action.

When this happens, most businesses seek legal counsel. There are usually two primary goals for a business that finds itself in this situation: it is seeking relief and solutions to the matter at hand, and is also looking to build a more stable financial future.

Steering Your Business Through a Challenging Time: How a Maryland Commercial Litigation Attorney Can Help

Just because a business is a corporate entity—rather than a single person—doesn’t mean that financial problems and legal disputes can’t be incredibly difficult and personal for the people involved in that business. As an experienced personal and commercial bankruptcy lawyer, attorney Ron Drescher has seen the stress and worry that cause companies to seek his help. His Baltimore firm, Drescher & Associates, has over twenty-five years of experience helping individuals and businesses alike overcome financial problems that have evolved into legal troubles.

With commercial disputes, there aren’t always black and white solutions. Mr. Drescher has earned a reputation among businesses and financial institutions for his creative approach to getting his clients the results they are looking for.

Money Matters: Hiring the Maryland and Virginia Commercial Litigator Who Resolves Your Financial Issues—Not Adds to Them

The problem with lawyers representing businesses that are looking to minimize costs is that lawyers are running a business, too. This can often lead to litigation that takes more time than is absolutely necessary; the longer you remain in the legal system, the more money you ultimately pay.

At Drescher & Associates, the ultimate goal is to provide the most efficient representation possible. By focusing on both the priorities of your business and the priorities of the institution with which you are in dispute, your case may be able to be solved in a settlement that is beneficial—in both cost and time—to you.

At Drescher & Associates, hourly rates for business and commercial litigation have not been raised in years. Coupled with Ron Drescher’s ability to practice law in several states (Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia), your business can save time and money without worrying about the cost and inefficiencies of hiring several attorneys.

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