Attorney Ron Drescher Talks With Katherine On “This Needs To Be Said” About His CLE Golf Tour


Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us on this needs to be said. Our friend attorney, Ron Drescher has joined us again today. We’re not going to specifically talk about bankruptcy today. He has a turn, that he’s going to take and he’s planning to this. Re-up the industry. I don’t know what that means, but I’m excited, sounds like he’s going to shake some things up. Welcome back to the show. Attorney Drescher, how are you?

I’m great. Thank you so much. How are you doing? I’m fantastic.

And they know I’ll call you Ron by the end of the show, but I start out, right. That sounds all right. So what you have, what do you have for us today? What’s the?

So, I’m a lawyer and, lawyers all over the country are required to do 12 hours a year of continuing legal education. Okay. And, and, you know, not only lawyers, doctors have it account to have this, real estate agents have this all, most, anybody who’s in a profession has a requirement to do continuing education in their profession, in order to maintain your license. So as lawyers, usually you get a done one of, one of two ways. One way you can get it done is you can go to a conference, and you know, and it could be a large conference. There are educational sessions, and sometimes these are really great conferences and you can, you know, when you meet some people, you, you say the old faces, you do a little bit of networking, and maybe you’ll get four to eight hours of your credit that way.

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And that’s, that’s the best way to do it right now. Another way that people do it is through on-demand programs. And we’re all familiar with on-demand programs because we’re Netflix and Hulu. And when we, have a cable subscription you have on demand programs, well, they have on demand programs for, continuing education as well and what a lot of lawyers do is they’ll procrastinate till the end of the year. And then they’ll, you know, December will come around or in some States, it’s October and they say, wow, I gotta get my CLE in. And they’ll find programs, maybe have some interest to them, maybe not as much interest to them, but they’ve got to get the CLE in. So they sign up for the on-demand programs and maybe in their computer or on their phones or in their car, they’ll follow it, they’ll listen to it. And that’s another way for them to get credit.

My feeling is, you know, lawyers have to do this. Why not do this a way that’s, you know, fun and engaging and interesting speaks to, to the, to the lawyer. So what I’m doing is I’m creating a series of events that I call the C L E golf tour. And it’s for lawyers who love to play golf. And the morning you show up at the golf course, you’re wearing your golf gear and, you know, you get, you know, a bagel and a cup of coffee, and you’re hunkered down for four hours of really fascinating, information, legally related and golf. So for example, this, this year, the, the program is going to deal with, there’s a very famous Supreme court case of Casey Martin versus the PGA tour, which is all about Casey Martin had a, leg disorder.

He was an amazing golfer, but he had this terrible leg disorder that made it very difficult to walk around the course. So he wants to be able to use a golf cart, in these events and, and the PGA tour said, no, you can’t because these are athletic events. It will, it will interfere with the character and the nature of the golf experience. And so Casey Martin sued the PGA tour, the Americans with disabilities act, on the ground that, Hey, this is a public event and you are required to accommodate me and, and that was a very interesting case. And so I want to talk a little bit about that case and how that went. It was kind of interesting is that the trial, in that case, you know, golf, legends, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer and Ken inventory, they all testified in favor of the PGA tour and against King. And, you know what, I wonder if, if they don’t regret that years later, and spoiler alert, Casey Martin one,

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I look out I’m already rooting and I didn’t know all the details. It was like, why wouldn’t you accommodate this person is okay. You want to make them be on the level of, you know, let’s bring them up to normal as possible, you know So how do we level that for him and or her Yes, I was. I’m listening. Yeah.

So, so that’s one of the hours, you know, one of the hours is going to be, about w you know, discrimination and golf, you know, private golf clubs are still allowed to discriminate in their membership, even here in 2021. So I want to talk about why they are. They might be allowed do that, and when they absolutely wouldn’t be allowed to do that, then I’m going to spend an hour just talk about, golf injuries, for, for players, you know, getting hit by balls, getting injured with a cart, you know, if you trip on a hazard, a lot of different ways to get injured when you’re out on the golf course. So I’m going to talk about those and, and when you can Sue, and when you can’t Sue, and then I’m going to spend an hour talking about something that’s more in my wheelhouse, which is actually the history of the masters tournament and the Augusta national golf course.

What very, very few people know is, you know, Bobby Jones, a legendary golfer. He set out to create this golf club for the stock pickers coming from New York, by trained out of Florida. And they would make a stop in, in Augusta, Georgia, and they’d play around at Bobby Jones, his golf club. And he thought he would be able to sell a lot of memberships there, but he didn’t realize that that was right before the stock market crash of 1929 and the depression, the great depression of the 1930s. So while they built the course, they built it on credit. They weren’t able to get enough members. And so eventually a bank foreclosed on them, and some of the members bought it out of foreclosure in what’s called the friendly foreclosure. So we’re going to talk a little bit about that history and, and about how there are strategies that were used there that businesses are using even today.

So w we’re going to spend some time talking about golf related legal issues. w I ha I’m going to be making documentary style videos to compliment the presentation. Those are going to be made, by, an award-winning Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker. And then, and then we’ll, we’ll have a lava box lunch and we’ll go off and we’ll play a round of golf at a great golf course. And so that’s the day going to be limiting it to two to 12 lawyers. So you’re going to be having very high quality networking. It’s not like, you know, you can go to a conference, we’ve all gone to these conferences where there are hundreds and hundreds of people at the conference. And it’s hard to make connections at an event that big, but if you’re going to be going and spending the day on a golf course with lawyers who love to play golf, you’re going to make really great connections there that may really enhance, you know, your business and your law firm marketing.

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So, that’s, that’s the CLE the door. I’ve got three events planned in the Baltimore Washington DC area for right after Labor Day. I’ve got three events planned for the New York City area, right at the end of September. I’ve got three events planned in Southern California in the middle of October. And then I’ve got three events plans in central Florida for the beginning of November. and you know, so my, my hope is that that this will really strike a chord with lawyers, especially lawyers who likes to play golf, but even other lawyers who will say, yeah, this, I want to do this because I got to get the CLE in any way. And by the way, my program has already approved for COE in Delaware and Pennsylvania. And I’ve got applications pending in New York, Virginia, Florida, and California. And you know what, I expect it to be approved in those, I mean this is going to be really legitimate, meaningful, legal analysis this program. and then, I’m hoping that lawyers say, yeah, you know what I got to do these 12 hours anyway, why not four of them doing something that I love to do. So

If they were an interest, if they, even if they’re interested in getting started, I remember many years ago, a friend of mine was interested in golfing and his wife was like, he better love it because I spent a lot on these clubs, you know So it may be something that you want to get involved in. So, is it just limited to 12 lawyers, if it’s someone who enjoys golf, would this be beneficial for them or is this solidly an attorney event?

You know, anybody can come, but, I wonder if somebody who loves golf and is fascinated with the project, with the program, whether they’ll get the same thing out of it, that the lawyers will. but it’s open to anybody

That is curious. Okay. That would be a curious question. So we want to do, cause we are running at the end of this time, we’re going to wrap this one up and we’re gonna jump right back on and do part two because I want to be able to get all this information today. So can we do that? Sure. Because you got us warmed up, I’m excited. And I think when we hit record again, we’re ready to go. Okay, sounds great. All right thank you, Ron.

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