Can I File a Maryland Bankruptcy if I’m Current on my Bills?

There’s nothing typical about Maryland bankruptcy cases. Each case is different based upon the client’s income, expenses, assets and debts. Many people have defaulted on their bills for months or even years before they file for bankruptcy. Others struggle from month to month making mimimum payments and have credit scores in the 700s. Whether you’re […]

The Difference between a Maryland Bankruptcy Dismissal and Discharge

Difference : Dismissal and Discharge I want you to understand the difference between a bankruptcy dismissal and a bankruptcy discharge.  When you’ve filed for bankruptcy, whether in Maryland, Pennsylvania or elsewhere, discharge is the desired outcome of your filing. A bankruptcy discharge occurs when you have done everything you’re supposed to do.   The court enters […]

More Bad Judgment: Petraeus Supports Unstable Mom Accused of Bankruptcy Fraud

Scandalwatchers know that ex CIA chief David Petraeus was exposed after his paramour, Paula Broadwell, sent threatening emails to military socialite Jill Kelley who had the FBI trace those messages back to Broadwell’s laptop. Once inside the laptop the FBI discovered the trail of messages between Petraeus and Broadwell that led to his downfall. The […]

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Political Dead End?

Bankruptcy and integrity play key roles in several campaigns across the country. This year, more races than ever implicate bankruptcy, debt and morality, raising the question whether voters are willing to overlook a candidate’s financial struggles when they cast their votes on November 6. In Massachusetts, well known bankruptcy personality Elizabeth Warren is in a […]


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