Attorney Ron Drescher Speaks With Katherine On “This Needs To Be Said” About A Course Called, COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY.


Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us on “This needs to be said”. Our friend, attorney, Ron Drescher is here with us again today. And he’s going to talk about a course that he’s doing called complete bankruptcy. So for my attorney, this is something for you to tune your ears up to. And even for us who are friends of attorneys or get our antenna going cause, I’ve learned so much every time I talk with you, attorney Drescher. So I’m going to learn in that point, someone in the right direction. I appreciate it. How have you been?

You know what I’ve been, I’ve been very, very busy because I, yeah, cause you know, right after the shutdown started, sometime in early April, I started getting calls from other lawyers who were interested in getting into the bankruptcy field because they said, wow, you know what The economy is going to go through some really hard times. And you know people are going to need help. And I think it would be really great to transition and be able to take a few bankruptcy cases here and there because that’s going to be a hot practice area. Do you know of any resources and I really didn’t. and so I thought, you know, I’m going to create this course and I’m going to offer it to the lawyers so that I can help train the new lawyers that are coming into the practice, how to do it, right? So that clients get taken care of. And so the attorneys can, you know, benefit from that increase in business. And that’s what I’ve set out to do.

I have a question. So these attorneys that were reaching out to you were not previously bankruptcy attorneys, is that what you’re saying?

Exactly! Exactly!

Oh, how simple. Cause I went to school for education so we can make what’s called a lateral move if you have a degree in anything but education to get into the teaching profession. So I don’t know if that’s similar with attorneys. How would one convert because they saw an opportunity, but how simple is that to change?

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I don’t think it’s simple. I don’t think it’s easy, but I think that it’s possible if I have a mentor that is guiding you in the right direction and helping you separate, what’s really important for you to know versus the things that, that are less important for you to know so that you can accelerate your entree into that field. So, the course is primarily videos cause you know, I have 250 YouTube videos about different aspects of bankruptcy law. So I’m very comfortable delivering information in that format. So I do videos and there are three main modules. There’s what I call a client solutions module, which is the kind of things that you should expect to see. Then there’s the basic approach, which is how you take your case from the first, meeting with the client all the way through to the close of the bankruptcy case.

And then I have a chapter 13 module. Now these courses are really designed to be pragmatic so that you can hear them or, you know, or look at them. I set them up as videos, of course, and the videos have, have like bullet points on them or emphasis points on them. Cause there are certain areas that I really want the lawyers to pay attention to and to focus on. I also rip off MP3s so that they can download them to a device and listen to them while they’re driving around their cars. And I also have them all transcribed. So, and then I have forms. I talk about systems and workflows. I talked about marketing issues. I talk about things that are very specific to how to fill out the bankruptcy forms. What I call top five. I mean, you know, to fill out a bankruptcy form is not complex, but to, to have the benefit of seeing a few different ways that you could either get into trouble if you don’t fill them out correctly or to deal with situations that come up, but are not, you know, plain vanilla.

I do what I call the top five series. So top five for each of the different bankruptcy forms and I just started, pre-selling the chapter 11 small business module. That’s going to be released August 10th. And right now I’ve got, I have over 50 lawyers have signed up for the program. How long will it take them to complete the program It’s a program it’s a, it’s a teach yourself. I would say to go through all of the materials, if you weren’t doing anything else, you were really studying and focusing on, it would take you about a week if you just went through everything but like I said, there’s a mentorship component. I’ve created what I call the complete bankruptcy mastermind. And that is a twice monthly zoom, meeting where, I, the lawyers convene and I go into a deep dive on some area of interest to the lawyers and then the rest of the time is open for Q and a.

So they have a chance to ask me questions specific to that topic or their practice or a case they’re working on or bankruptcy law in general or how their law firm is working. Plus while you’re in the mastermind, you can, send me emails and I will respond within 24 hours and I have lawyers sending me emails all the time. I’m happy to answer them. And, and two months of the mastermind come with the course. And then after that, that way, I guarantee that they will have the opportunity, not just to have the information on video and audio, but also to help flesh out issues that come up because, you know, you’re a lawyer entering into a new practice area. You want to be able to have somebody to bounce thoughts off and you know, and listen, I’ve, I’ve had people call me, or send me emails before on issues and they, you know, you feel embarrassed after a certain point that you go to the well too often but if, if you have somebody who is saying, listen, I’m going to be your mentor. You know, don’t hesitate to send me these emails. You’re a little bit more relaxed in sending those emails. You’re more likely to accelerate your learning.

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Absolutely, well, I’m excited because you said something else that has nothing to do with the attorneys, but my business ears perked up. Can you tell me a little bit about the course that starting in August you said for small businesses?

Yes. Well, it’s not for small, but it’s for lawyers.

I bet I could learn something from it though, right.

Absolutely good! It’s for lawyers to handle small business and chapter 11 cases. She knows it’s very interesting. A new bankruptcy law was passed that went into effect February 20th of this year. That makes it easier for small businesses to go through chapter 11. It doesn’t make it easy. It makes it easier. And that’s an important distinction but, and you were required to file your for your plan of reorganization within 90 days. Well, the country went on shutdown, in the middle of March and all of these timeframes were extended. So I don’t know if more than a tiny handful of, of these small business plans have even been filed. so, lawyers that want to get in on the small business chapter 11 practice, which can be very profitable caveat, you can also lose your shirt, can get in on the ground floor and kind of have, have equal footing with, with experienced bankruptcy lawyers, because nobody has been working through the new law and now is the time to get involved and really, have an opportunity to get, make progress in your bankruptcy practice.

Now, there is something that I’ve noticed with you whenever we talk you’re you find a segment in bankruptcy and you focused on it because you did one for the single mom and we talked about that a while ago, but you find now this opportunity to be the educator of the attorneys and that you’re always educating. This is my point. And the fact that you have the complete bankruptcy course, the mentorship, as well as the small business piece for them and showing them how to seize the opportunities to really get the most for their clients as they’re helping them. So I always commend you for educating and for really having that eye for what’s being overlooked because years ago, when I filed bankruptcy, there wasn’t someone like you letting me know as a single mother it’s okay. You know, and he’s going to be able to reset yourself. And so now you’re telling the bankruptcy attorneys, Hey, well, the new the com the ones that are going to come over to become bankruptcy attorneys, this is an opportunity, and I’m willing to help you and take a lot of the I should know this stuff when we really shouldn’t, out of it for them, you take the scary part out for them. So thank you.

Well, that’s so nice of you to say, by the way, there’s there, I speak to that very issue you just raised, which is that there wasn’t a lawyer there to, to say that it was okay to file. And one of the points that I emphasized to the lawyers in the client solutions module is that it’s important for the lawyer to somewhat be a bit of a cheerleader for their clients, because, you know, it’s one thing to know how to fill out a form and to file a bankruptcy gaze and to get a discharge but you know, there are feelings of failure that clients go through when they filed bankruptcy and I think the really skilled bankruptcy lawyer understands that and addresses that on an emotional level with the clients and one of the things that I say to clients and that I, that I tell the lawyers and I advise them to say is most really go through extraordinary lengths to avoid bankruptcy.

They’re not running up credit cards and then jumping in there being all abusive. That’s not, I mean, you’re talking about the tiniest less than 1% of bankruptcy. Clients are like that. Most people struggle and they work really hard to pay their deaths. and what I tell people is, you know, people who are going to be clients is that, look, when you take on a debt, you have a plan to pay that debt back. And it’s a plan that you’re putting together in your mind in good faith. And bankruptcy happens when the plan goes awry, usually through no fault of your own, or even if it is your fault. It’s, it’s a, it’s just mistakes. It’s not, it’s not,

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You didn’t set out to do it, right.

I’m set out to take advantage. And so I commend my clients for their heroic actions. I say, you know what I could see you really took your ROIC steps to avoid this. So I have a lot of respect for you and you know what that’s important for the client to hear. And, and it helps bonds the attorney with the client and it really meaningful way.

Yeah. I need to trust you. I’m scared right now, life has changed. I remember that feeling. We have to wrap up because our time is up. Tell people how to get in touch with you. If they want to know more about what you’re doing. Cause there will be some attorney that is going to hear this or read this blog and need what you have. We never know where that student is for you. So make sure you give them that information.

Well, definitely go to my main website, that’s D R E S C H E R L A W. I’m going to have a form that you could fill out and a link to a, to a page where you can get a little bit more information about the course and you could also go to complete, and that will also take you. So either or complete will get you to where you need to be. So you can get some more information and, and then that’ll put you into a campaign which I will teach you how to do that will give you all the information to give you a lot of freebies or things you can download. That’ll give you some idea of, of, of what it looks like to be a bankruptcy lawyer,

Ron, until next time; have a super day.

Thanks a lot, Katherine, stay safe. Thank you.

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