Tom Petty vs. Kim Basinger March Madness: Bankruptcy Brackets This match up really illustrates the difference between when a celebrity files bankruptcy early in their career versus when they have to file later after they have had considerable success. The two celebrities are ..

Harry S. Truman vs. Sonja Morgan March Madness: Bankruptcy Brackets This first round match up in the exemptions regional features the unlikely paring of Sonya Morgan v. Harry Truman. On the Google Fame Gage, even though Sonja Morgan is a contemporary television personality Harry ..

Teresa Giudice vs. Bernie Madoff March Madness Bankruptcy Brackets Bernie Madoff is a heavy favorite in this competition, because the billions of dollars he fleeced from his investors is more than almost anybody else in the competition, so even though Teresa Guidice has ..

March Madness: Bankruptcy Brackets I've been blogging about celebrity bankruptcies and created info-graphics like the Baseball Bankruptcy Hall of Fame, the Flag of Bankrupt Presidents, the Bankruptcy Big House and others. So, I decided that it would be ..

Abraham Lincoln vs Denny McLain March Madness Bankruptcy Brackets McClain has his hands full taking on Abraham Lincoln, who as a face on Mount Rushmore automatically gives him a big head start in the Google fame stats and it was a onesided defeat ..

Should I Remove My Name from My Parents’ Bank Account before Bankruptcy? Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyer

What is Judicial Foreclosure? Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney Judicial foreclosure is a method for lenders to exercise their right to sell property after the borrower defaults on the loan. Judicial foreclosure differs from non-judicial foreclosure because of the level that the courts ..

Water Fun 2004 A delightful surprise!

Do I Have to Reaffirm my Car Loan in Chapter 7? Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney It is a requirement of the Bankruptcy Code that debtors reaffirm loans secured by personal property such as cars, computers, boats, etc. Reaffirmation means that even though you receive a discharge in bankruptcy, creditors ..

Special Report: Foreclosed at the Museum of Modern Art Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney Foreclosed: Rehousing The American Dream is an unusual exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This exhibit presents the work of architects, planners, ecologists, engineers, landscape designers, and other specialists in ..
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