Abraham Lincoln vs Denny McLain March Madness Bankruptcy Brackets

McClain has his hands full taking on Abraham Lincoln, who as a face on Mount Rushmore automatically gives him a big head start in the Google fame stats and it was a onesided defeat by Abraham Lincoln in the first period. On the debt side, however, because of the change in the availability of credit between the early 19th century and the latter part of the 20th century, Denny McClain won this part of the contest going away, even adjusting for inflation. So, going into the third and decisive period, Denny McClain actually has a slight advantage over Abraham Lincoln. With the contest this close it’s up for the panel to decide. Ira Drescher thought that it would be unheard of today for someone to take on his partner’s debts if they didn’t have to and that said quite a lot about Abraham Lincoln. As far as McClain goes, Meryl Star thought that he squandered his fame, his talent and his money and that he didn’t deserve to score very highly. The panel agreed and Abraham Lincoln won a decisive victory in this the period. Lincoln wins this first round matchup and will be heading on to the second round.