Harry S. Truman vs. Sonja Morgan March Madness: Bankruptcy Brackets

This first round match up in the exemptions regional features the unlikely paring of Sonya Morgan v. Harry Truman.

On the Google Fame Gage, even though Sonja Morgan is a contemporary television personality Harry Truman still dealt her a convincing defeat.. Now we turn to the debts. Sonya Morgan got creamed in her lawsuit with Hannibal pictures and so won 9.8 out of a possible 10 points, almost shutting out the President who ended World War II. This set up a decisive third period where the panel will decide.

Perhaps due to Real Housewives fatigue, the panel flattened Sonja Morgan. Alex Kurtz scored her low, saying probably more because I can’t stand reality TV stars, when in fact, her story is pretty sordid. On the other hand, Alex’s dad Brian Kurtz said about Harry Truman Didn’t he become President of the United States? That’s a nice rebound. The Panel awarded the match to Truman by a wide margin.

In this match history repeated itself with Sonja Morgan making an unconditional surrender to our county’s 33rd President, who will move on to the second round. Give ’em hell Harry!