How Long Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Take? I have to file a Chapter 13 case. How long am I going to have to be involved in that? Well the answer to that question is, like so many lawyers say, it depends. ..

How Long Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Take? In a classic Chapter 7 case, where the debtor does not have equity in his assets over the exemption, which is called a no asset case, the typical Chapter 7 case will take about ..

What Does Joint And Several Liability Mean? "I got sued and there's somebody else that got sued with me and they say we have joint and several liability. What is that?" Joint and several liability is a phrase under the law ..

Do I Have To Give My Social Security Income In My Chapter 13 Case? Do they count my Social Security income in Chapter 13 to determine how much I have to pay to the trustee? No, they're not allowed to count Social Security, retirement, or disability payments in ..

Can I Do My Bankruptcy Credit Counseling After Filing My Case? Your're going to be filing a bankruptcy case, but you know that there's a credit counseling obligation. Can you just file the case and then do it right away afterwards? The answer to that ..

Will Your Chapter 13 Plan Payment Go Up If You Get A Raise? Youre' going to file Chapter 13 but you think your income might change over the next 60 months. Will that cause your plan payment to change? The answer to that question is ... probably. ..

Why Chapter 13? Part 1: Keep The Assets You Want Why would you file a Chapter 13 case? There are five reasons. Here's the first one: Sometimes your assets have too much value, and if you were to file a Chapter 7 case, then ..

Don’t Pay Your Taxes With Your Credit Card! "I owe a lot of taxes. Should I pay that tax bill with my credit card?" If you're considering bankruptcy at some point down the road, the answer is definitely no, don't do that. ..

Can I Keep An IRS Installment Plan In Chapter 13? If you worked out an installment plan with the IRS but now have to file Chapter 13 you may be wondering whether you can keep up with that installment plan in your Chapter 13 ..

How Can A Debtor Be Thrown In Jail For Not Paying? Somebody owes you money: can you throw them into jail? The answer to that question is almost certainly no. There are no such things as debtor's prisons anymore. Those were abolished hundreds of years ..
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