Teresa Giudice vs. Bernie Madoff March Madness Bankruptcy Brackets

Bernie Madoff is a heavy favorite in this competition, because the billions of dollars he fleeced from his investors is more than almost anybody else in the competition, so even though Teresa Guidice has millions of dollars that she owed to her own creditors, Bernie Madoff dominated in that category.
In the fame period, I was expecting Bernie Madoff to edge out Teresa Guidice, but it’s actually the opposite, Teresa enjoying a slight edge over Bernie Madoff in the second round. So now, we’re going into the third period when the panel speaks.
The panel couldn’t get enough of Bernie Madoff. Brian Kurtz was amazed at the degree of corruption Madoff showed at the highest level of finance, and David Grossbach just had nothing good to say about Teresa and her husband, Joe. So, in that third period, the panel gave Madoff a slight edge, but it really didn’t matter. He had such an advantage during that first period, with his billions of stolen cash that he was able to coast into a very comfortable win, and will move on to the second round of this competition.