Dream With Your Eyes Open

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. He looked around the world and decided it could be a better place. There’s probably no more famous dreamer than Dr. King. With his eyes open he told us about his vision for dignity, equality, and justice.

It’s easy to turn off the world. We can let bills pile up unopened. We can ignore calls from numbers we don’t recognize. We can turn away from the bank statements that show we have no money left this month. We can simply close our eyes and pretend that our problems don’t exist. But we all know that just shutting out the light won’t make our life better than it is.

When do our eyes open? Sometimes this happens outside our control. The sheriff knocks on the door with a lawsuit. Our house is scheduled for a foreclosure. Our wages are garnished. Our car is missing from the driveway. We can’t rent an apartment because we have bad credit. It’s awful when we get woken up by a cold slap in the face.

Our eyes can open in other ways too. We can take deep breaths and ask questions. We can get help. We can take a look around every part of our lives and decide “this can be better.”

Your life can be better too. You don’t have to hide from the world, and you can start building a better future. Some people believe that bankruptcy is the hard bottom of a terrible fall, but I don’t. I see bankruptcy as the beginning of a climb towards a better life, a reconnection with the world and an opportunity for financial security.


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