Bankruptcy: Can The Bank Freeze My Account? A bank can take your deposit funds and reduce your debt under the doctrine of "setoff" if you owe that bank on a credit card, mortgage, line of credit or other debt. This is ..

Bankruptcy Filing May Be The Best Thing You Ever Do – Part 1 Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyer This is the beginning of a three video collection. Many people think of bankruptcy as a failure. Bankruptcy can however introduce a better way of life. In this ..

Chapter 11: What Is A First Day Motion? Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney Once a chapter 11 case begins the debtor enters into a strange new world. Strategic decisions need to be made without delay. Restrictions on the debtor's ability to use its cash, maintain utility service ..

Chapter 11: What Is A Plan Of Reorganization? Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney In a Chapter 11 case the document that dictates the rights and oblgiations of the parties is the Plan of Reorganization. In this document, a debtor (or, occasionally, ..

Bankruptcy: Can I Modify A Home Mortgage in Chapter 13 Maryland bankruptcy attorney Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney If your primary residence is secured by a mortgage or deed of trust that is fully or partially secured you will not be able to modify that ..

Bankruptcy: What is Discharge? Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney I think of discharge as the pot of gold at the end of the bankruptcy rainbow. What does that mean? It means if you've spent years of ..

Bankruptcy: What is Lien Stripping To Preserve Exemption? Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney An exemption is your ability to keep stuff that you own even though you're going to get a discharge. In most states, if you file a lawsuit ..

Bankruptcy: What is a No Asset Case? Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney In a no asset bankruptcy case the debtor gets to keep all the assets they bring into bankruptcy. Does your case qualify? Find out in this video. ..

Bankruptcy: What Is A Transfer? Trustees pay very close attention to transfers made before bankruptcy, and debtors should too. One of the most important functions of a bankruptcy attorney is the protection of a client's assets. When a trustee ..

Bankruptcy: What is Chapter 13 Lien Stripping? Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney It's widely known that real estate values have taken a beating in the last 5 years. Many junior liens, mortgages and deeds of trust are totally "underwater", because the value of the home is ..
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