How Can I Force The Bank To Give Me My Records For My The trustee in your bankruptcy case wants documents from you,, but the bank has shut off your access because you owe them money. What do you do? The answer to this problem is actually ..

I’ve Been Denied a Loan Modification, Now What? You may have applied for a loan modification and been denied. Now what can you do to save your home? The answer may very well be to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. In ..

Can Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Help Me Keep My Property? This video is about what happens when you file Chapter 13 and you still have significant equity in your property. There are tests that you have to satisfy in order to get a discharge ..

Will the Bankruptcy Trustee come to my house to take my things? I'm filling out paperwork. Who's going to read it? Will the trustee come to my home? Will they go through my things? Will they take my property? Watch this video to find out the ..

Have I Been Served by the Sheriff? When the sheriff has dropped a summons and complaint with your housekeeper, you have probably been legally served. In most states, an individual is considered to have been served if the papers are delivered ..

What is Successor Liability? Successor liability is a doctrine in the law that says when a new company is created from the remains of an old company the new company is subject to all of the debts and ..

What Is a Charging Order? In modern commercial practice, many entities are limited liability companies. These are entities that have some of the qualifications of a corporation and some characteristics of a partnership, but in Maryland at least if ..

What is an Affidavit Judgment? Affidavit judgments are widely used in Maryland District Courts. These are Maryland courts where the amount in controversy is less than $30,000. When the plaintiff sues for a liquidated debt (a debt that is ..

Creditor’s Rights: The Sheriff has Levied on my Property. Now What Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney If you've been sued and lost, the creditor will have a judgment against you. The next step is for that creditor to seize and sell your assets to pay down the debt. To do ..

Creditor’s Rights: What is a Judicial Lien? Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney A lien is nothing more than a property interest that secures a debt. A judicial lien is a lien that arises after a judgment is entered against ..

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