Bankruptcy: What is the Co-Debtor Stay in Chapter 13? This video is about the co-debtor stay in Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code. It means that if you're a consumer, typically it means when you're married and your spouse doesn't file, not only ..

Bankruptcy: What Happens After Filing A Bare Bones Case (Part 2)? After you file your bare bones case, you have 14 days under the rules to get the rest of your schedules together. Hopefully we've got everything as close as possible when we file the ..

Bankruptcy: What is a Bare Bones Filing? Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney Sometimes you're in a hurry to file a bankruptcy case. Whether it's because you need to stop a foreclosure sale, repossession of a vehicle or a trial you expect to go badly. A barebones ..

Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Webcam Video from April 17, 2012 02:34 PM MDBankruptcyLawyer's Webcam Video from April 17, 2012 02:34 PM

Bankruptcy: What if you forget to strip a judgment lien? Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney In most states, if you file a lawsuit and you get a judgment, that judgment becomes a lien against their real estate in the county. If you file bankruptcy and you exempt any part ..

Bankruptcy: What is Lien Stripping? Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney An exemption is your ability to keep stuff that you own even though you're going to get a discharge. In most states, if you file a lawsuit and you get a judgment, that judgment ..

Bankruptcy: What are Exemptions? Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney Exemptions are critically important to consumer debtors because they represent the stuff that you're allowed to keep after you file bankruptcy. Exemptions are important because they represent lawmakers' ideas of what people need to ..

My Lease Is Ruining Me Financially. Can Bankruptcy Help? "I have this lease that is killing my business. Can I get out from under it in bankruptcy?" The answer to that question is yes. One of the primary benefits of the bankruptcy code ..

What is the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Marital Deduction? "My spouse is not filing Chapter 13, and her income should not be included in my calculation of what I'm supposed to pay to the Chapter 13 trustee. Is there anything I can do ..

Can I Get Back Any Of My Garnished Wages? If you've had money garnished from your paycheck for awhile you may be wondering: Is that money just gone forever? The answer to that question is maybe not all of it because during the ..

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