Bankruptcy: What Happens After Filing A Bare Bones Case (Part 2)?

After you file your bare bones case, you have 14 days under the rules to get the rest of your schedules together. Hopefully we’ve got everything as close as possible when we file the case so that getting the documents together in 14 days is not going to be a problem. Sometimes it is a problem.

When it is a problem, we file a motion to extend the time because a meeting with the trustee usually happens 30 to 40 days after you file your case. So you’re going to have a little wiggle room between the 14 days when the schedules are due and the time you meet the trustee. As long as you file that motion for extension of time before the 14 days runs, you’re okay. They’re not going to dismiss your case, and you’re going to get a little extra time.

We like to get your pay stubs and your schedules and your financial information and your tax returns before we file your case, but when we don’t have the luxury to do that, we can file a bare bones bankruptcy and get the client into the bankruptcy court’s jurisdiction.