Should I Do A Pre-Confirmation Wage Order In Chapter 13?

So, I’m going to have to file a Chapter 13 case, and my attorney is talking about doing a pre‑confirmation wage order.  Should I do that? 

We are strong proponents in our office of pre-confirmation and post-confirmation wage orders, because if you don’t have the temptation to skip a payment and you don’t have to have that extra discipline to make that one extra monthly bill and go through the pain of that, then you’re going to have a far more successful Chapter 13 case than if you have to make that payment every month.  That’s why we really like the wage orders.  

Another benefit of the wage order is it spreads the payment out over the month.  So, if you’re getting paid biweekly, you don’t have one big payment every month.  You’ve got smaller payments every other week, and that also can make the Chapter 13 case more likely to succeed.


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