Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyer Facebook Campaign for Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service!

Please Help Our Facebook Campaign for Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service! Ronald J. Drescher, Maryland bankruptcy attorney and founder of Drescher & Associates,, has launched a Facebook campaign to raise funds for an organization he believes in and volunteers for – Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS). Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS) the largest pro bono […]

Creditor’s Rights: 6 Tips to get the Information You Need in a Deposition In Aid Of Enforcement

Creditor’s Rights: 6 Tips To Get The Information You Need In A Deposition In Aid Of Enforcement In many lawsuits, the real challenge begins after the plaintiff becomes a judgment creditor by winning the judgment. Collecting from the defendant can feel daunting, even impossible. Sometimes defendants have transferred their assets, hid their assets or have […]

Bankruptcy And The Frozen Bank Account

Bankruptcy And The Frozen Bank Account: Keep Your Money On Deposit Safe When deposit account holders write a check or make a withdrawal, they may believe that they are accessing their own money, but that is not precisely true, for important reasons. What is actually happening is that the account holder is making demand upon […]

Repeat Bankruptcy Filings Benefits And Burdens

Two, Four, Six, Eight: Waiting Periods For Discharge In Subsequent Bankruptcy Cases When clients ask “how many times can I file for bankruptcy” they usually want to know “how often can I receive a bankruptcy discharge?” They ask this question because they’ve found themselves in a financial bind years after receiving a discharge and want […]

Forbearance Agreements Can Prevent Bankruptcy

Use A Forbearance Agreement To Negotiate With Your Creditors And Stay Out Of Bankruptcy Anyone in business will tell you that bumps come up in the road. Temporary dips in sales, problems collecting accounts receivable, even adding expense to manage a potentially profitable new line of business may all contribute to creating a cash flow […]

Individuals in Chapter 11: Trapped in Debt?

The absolute priority rule in Individual Chapter 11 cases may make reorganization impossible for high income debtors. Last month the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals dealt a blow to the drive by consumer bankruptcy lawyers to eliminate the absolute priority rule in individual Chapter 11 bankruptcies. The absolute priority rule is simple: if a class […]

The Curious Case Of Chapter 7 Lien Stripping

In Stripping Off Junior Liens In Chapter 7, Nothing Matters More Than Where You Live In bankruptcy a claim is a broadly defined term meaning a right to payment. When the holder of that claim also has an interest in a specific piece of the debtor’s property to secure that this that is called a […]

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