Using Smartphones, Tablets & The Cloud in your Bankruptcy Practice (# 1 Introduction & Setup)

Ron Drescher explains how he uses his iPhone 4S, New iPad and various cloud apps in his bankruptcy practice in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. This is the first part of a series of excerpts from the presentation Ron Drescher made to the Consumer Bankruptcy Section of the Maryland State Bar Association at a brown bag lunch held on June 7, 2012. This video covers the following topics:

AppleTV Mirroring:
Using the $99 Apple TV to present the image on the iPhone or iPad on a flat panel TV

Homescreen Icons:
Adding web pages to behave like apps on the iPhone or iPad home screen

Creating Folders:
Grouping apps into folders to free up space on your home screen and optimize your iDevice workflow

Adding Apps to the Dock:
Utilizing the Dock to add utility to your device

Voice Recognition with Siri:
Using Apple’s Siri feature to dictate speech to text on the iPhone 4S

Siri Reminders:
Using Siri to set reminders on your to do list

CardMunch App:
The iPhone app from LinkedIn that lets users take pictures of business cards and add the contacts easily to the iPhone, as well as send out invites to connect on LinkedIn