Michael Vick vs. Bernie Madoff March Madness: Bankruptcy Brackets

This second round matchup in the Automatic Stay regional is a slugfest between two heavy favorites: Bernie Madoff and Michael Vick. Madoff found himself thrown into bankruptcy after fleecing billions of dollars from thousands of trusting investors and is now serving 150 years in federal prison. Vick also served federal time after running an infamous dogfighting operation out of his Virginia compound. When that story broke, Vick was tossed out of the NFL, lost his endorsements and filed Chapter 11.
Both Madoff and Vick won blowouts in the first round, Madoff crushing Real Housewife Teresa Giudice and Vick dismantling his real housewife, Michaele Salahi.
In this match, thanks largely to his immense twelve billion dollar debt and his fascination to the panel, Madoff carried a comfortable lead after the end of the first half, where points are tallied based on fame, debt and the opinion of the panel. However, in the second round fifteen points are up for grabs based on how much of a trainwreck these debtors made of their lives.
The allstar panel continued to find Madoff compelling. Kathryn Boling couldn’t get over his stolen billions, one hundred fifty year prison term and, worst of all, the suicide of his son. Lisa Wong called Madoff delusional and condemned the lack of remorse for his victims.
For Michael Vick, Eric Dalton thinks it would be hard to turn overnight from being one of NFL’s premiere quarterbacks into one of the most hated men in America, and Jessica Blau thinks that Vick must be punting himself in the behind for his stupid choices.
Remarkably, the Panel awarded the trainwreck half to Michael Vick, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the lead Madoff built up in the first half. As a result, Madoff will proceed to the third round and fight for the championship of the Automatic Stay regional.