Casey Anthony vs. Lawrence Taylor March Madness: Bankruptcy Brackets

Lawrence Taylor was a feared linebacker with the NY Giants. Despite $50 million in career earnings, Lawrence Taylor lost a fortune by using cocaine, lavish spending, and hard partying. After retirement, Taylor was arrested on drug charges, for soliciting an underage prostitute and filing a false tax return. Taylor also started a company called All-Pro Products that went public at $5 a share, and tripled in value during its first month. Taylor’s stake was worth over $10 million. The company ceased production shortly thereafter however and Taylor lost several hundred thousand dollars. Taylor declared bankruptcy in 1998.

Universally reviled, Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her 2 year old child Caylee but convicted of lying to investigators. Crushed under almost $800,000 of debt related to her infamous trial, owed mainly to her attorney and other trial experts, Anthony filed bankruptcy in 2013. She recently had to pay $25,000 to buy back the right to sell her life story from her Chapter 7 trustee. Adding insult to injury, the house she lived in with her parents and Caylee is facing foreclosure.

Casey Anthony draws so much hatred and contempt that it’s no surprise she outscored former NFL hitman Lawrence Taylor by almost three to one on the fame gage.

She also got the better of LT on the debt side. Taylor had already blown through most of his millions by the time he filed bankruptcy, so his debts were mainly his home mortgage and some smaller bills. On the other hand, Anthony had to discharge nearly a million dollars spent on lawyers and experts she needed to win her trial.
Anthony, however, could not escape judgment from the Panel.
Lisa Wong insisted that taxpayers never be required to spend even one more penny on her defense. On the other hand, David Grossbach loved the wild rides up and down for Lawrence Taylor. Even though he edged her out in the third period, the match was never really close, and the despised Casey Anthony will go on to compete in the second round.