San Bernardino Bankruptcy: The End of Innocence?

The great recession landed the second of a one-two punch as San Bernardino this week followed closely on the heels of Stockton, California in voting to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. San Bernardino is reporting a $45,000,000.00 budget deficit and is “so broke it can’t cover its payroll.”  San Bernardino will follow Mammoth Lakes, a […]

Owner of World’s Most Valuable Poster Suffers Bankruptcy Meltdown

The classic silent film Metropolis by director Fritz Lang thrilled audiences in the 1920s by depicting a fantastic Art Deco image of a future civilization. Only four posters from that landmark film survive and one of them found its way into the hands of collector Kenneth Schacter, according to this article from  Schacter apparently […]

Lien Stripping, Congress and the Supremes: The Glacier or the Snail?

It’s that second mortgage that’s causing all the problems. Values have taken a nosedive in the last 5 years and many of those junior liens are now completely underwater. Say the home is worth $250,000, the first mortgage is $300,000 and the second mortgage, maybe a home equity line of credit (HELOC) is $75,000. The […]


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