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The Real Housewives of Bankruptcy

This infographic proves that good looks and good marriages don’t always protect you from bad planning in the unforgiving boutique of finance. Overspending, gross mismanagement and blind greed plundered the fortunes of these seven Housewives who seemed to have it all. Some, like Michaele Salahi and Taylor Armstrong, became enmeshed in their husbands’ fraudulent schemes, […]

The Bankruptcy Jukebox

Beginning on August 15, 1969, the small New York hamlet of Woodstock played host to an immortal lineup of musicians and hundreds of thousands of their fans. One of the stars who appeared on that iconic stage was David Crosby, who despite his immense fame ultimately found himself on the wrong side of the law […]

Rebranding Bankruptcy & Financial Rehabilitation

Katherine: Hello everyone. Thank you so much for joining us today on This Needs To Be Said. We’re here with Attorney Ron Drescher and he’s going to talk with us about, basically bankruptcy is not a bad thing. Helping you to learn that good people find themselves in crisis situations and how he can help […]

The Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Guide to Saving Money

When people ask me what I do for a living I tell them “I’m a bankruptcy lawyer.” The reactions I get back range from the judgmental to the practical: “Don’t people abuse the system?” (sometimes); “How do you get paid?” (it’s complicated); “Did you represent Donald Trump?” (no); “Can I discharge my student loans?” (almost […]

Should I Invade My IRA or 401K to Pay My Current Bills?

Extreme Caution: Invading Your IRA or 401(k) to Relieve Money Problems Might Ruin You When faced with paying your personal Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania or Virginia bills, considering whether to invade your IRA or 401(k) may seem to be a worthwhile possibility. Before you decide to draw down your IRA or your 401(k), you should know […]

The Mortgage and the Business Bankruptcy

When a business fails the owners frequently find themselves facing their own personal bankruptcy. Owners considering bankruptcy want to discharge business obligations they’ve guarantied but still retain their home. This home is almost always subject to a significant mortgage. Because the mortgage is considered consumer debt, the mortgage may become an obstacle to the former […]


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