No one dreams of having to file for bankruptcy, but, when reality sets in with no other alternative, Drescher and Associates is the team you want to represent you.
From my initial consultation, I was kept informed of what to expect and received guidance throughout out the entire process. It was, and is, an emotional and difficult time; Mr. Drescher and his team of professionals never lost sight of this. I never once felt like just a case number, or that who I was could be found in a file folder.
I, personally, am thankful I found them and would highly recommend everyone to him.


Mr. Drescher, indeed I am relieved and very appreciative of you and your office professionals handling my proceedings. I am happy and enthusiastic of the legal services I received. Your fees were very reasonable and affordable. The results of your firm services enable me to be back on track removed of stress, to continue to pursue personal and professional goals. Thank you so much.


I consulted Ron after working with several bankruptcy attorneys, and his knowledge and expertise in this area is superb. He immediately got to the crux of the matter, calmed my fears, explained patiently what the options were, and gave me hope. I highly recommend him to anyone going through this nightmare. His fee structure is more than reasonable, and he will be there every step of the way with you.


Hello Mr. Drescher
I am writing this letter to you to thank you and your staff for the care I have received during a very difficult time in my life. For me it is worth every penny.
I must make specific reference to Ms. Keesha White your Legal Assistant. She has been a blessing of calm and thoroughness from my first encounter with her. I don't believe things happen by chance; at least in my life.
I believe in acknowledging good when it is afforded you. Maybe it will continue to be a part of your existence. Thank you again. God bless the work you do.
Gloria Gillyard

Gloria Gillyard

Letter of Appreciation
Hi Ronald,
Ms. Katherine Leeper worked on my case to the end with great determination and enthusiasm. I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the whole team and staff. The court Judge looked at my case with a keen eye, but could not find a glitch or gap on the paperwork presented to him for review and for a final decision. Overall it was a solid and airtight case. (This came with expertise, knowledge, character, and honesty, above all.)
When you took over the case, I thought that it was going to be accomplished; the outcome was beyond my imagination. I am now free of debts which surpassed 100K. Thank you and special thanks to Ms. Leeper for her indefatigable and unweaving attention to details.
I can honestly recommend your firm to my friends and family with the same enthusiasm that your firm accepted this case. I am not a person who is easily convinced and a hard person to please. Your grade if mean anything to you, it sure means a lot to me. You will find your grade listed in the next line below.
Grade A+

Aquile Reyes

Ron Drescher's confidence and command of bankruptcy law and process was the lighthouse that guided us through the most difficult financial time in our lives.
Faced with an overwhelming business and personal situation, Ron rolled up his sleeves, executed pin-point research, and made quick, correct recommendations. He firmly and fairly dealt with the myriad of vendors and creditors in our very complicated situation. When appropriate, he treated them with the same respectful and compassionate manner I would have wanted to if I was able. At the same time, he defended our rights, did not let anyone take advantage of us, and shutdown unfair claims being made by large creditors with significant legal departments behind them.
The anxiety created by the difficult decisions we had to make, and the unknown consequences resulting from them were our biggest fear. Ron always weighed the potential outcomes and gave us the various options we had available to us. His clear and calm explanation always put us at ease and gave us the bit of confidence we needed to make difficult decisions.
Finally -- Ron's fees are absolutely fair and we were never surprised by an invoice we received from him. He gave us accurate estimates of costs up front and did not waiver from that cost unless there was a clear change in scope.
If you are in the position where you are looking for bankruptcy services - Ron Drescher is the professional that will put you at ease. Making the decision to do this is the toughest part. Once you have made that decision - Ron will take the burden off your shoulders and move you through the process efficiently. All of that being said, the best thing we can say is that Ron treated us with sympathy and respect when very few people would. He brings more than a simple attorney-client relationship to the experience and we appreciated his genuine care for our welfare.


I would recommend Mr. Drescher without hesitation! In addition to his professional, knowledgeable representation he provides informative, personable service. During this difficult, challenging time he was available to answer questions and navigate me throughout the entire process. I am most appreciative for his expertise and tremendous assistance!


Mr. Drescher was very approachable. He explained every detail pertaining to our case. Mr. Drescher never failed to answer any questions or provide any documentation that would help us become more knowledgeable of the debt process. We would highly recommend Mr. Drescher to anyone in need of an attorney.
For a link to this testimonial and others on Avvo.com visit:


From the moment I began speaking with Mr. Drescher about my personal financial situation, I knew that I didn't make a mistake by contacting his firm. I was definitely nervous at first but Mr. Drescher took the time to FULLY educate me on the entire process and gave the very best advice and suggestions to ultimately achieve a favorable outcome for me. Mr. Drescher and his team of professionals were caring, understanding and compassionate from beginning to end. They responded timely and addressed all of my questions and concerns, as well as keeping me informed of updates and changes. Although making the decision to file was scary at first, Mr. Drescher displayed the confidence that I needed to see in order to completely trust and believe in his firm. My bankruptcy ordeal was a breeze and I was so grateful to have his guidance every step of the way. I now have a successful closed case and I am truly thankful for my fresh start.


Mr. B********, You may not remember me but I was referred to you by Steve J**********, to possibly help us with our creditors. Thank you for the referral to Ron Drescher for our bankruptcy assistance. He is an excellent referral. It has been much easier with Ron & his staff helping. Bankruptcy has been filed and Ron is guiding us through the process. He is very kind and understanding, as is his staff of Loretta & Eric. I can't begin to say thank you enough for sending us to Ron. You are truly one of the good guys. Thank you again.

Karen P

Working with Ron and his team made a very stressful situation much easier to deal with. He took the time to consult with me and my wife to answer all of our questions and made us feel more comfortable with the entire process. Whether by phone, in person or email, he was always available to answer any questions and kept us informed through the entire process. I can not thank Ron and his team enough for handling this for me. I would absolutely and unequivocally refer and recommend Ron to anyone.
For a link to Joseph's testimonial on Avvo.com visit:


I hired Ron for a tricky bankruptcy with close to a half a million dollars in tax liens. After countless attorneys telling me it could not be done, I now have in my possession not only a clean discharge (my credit reports show zero past due accounts) but I also have documentation from both the state and the IRS that all liens have been released and they consider them to be discharged. My advise. Hire Ron, give him what he needs, and go back to living your life. He knows what he is doing.

Earl S.

Ron made the whole process very easy. His knowledge was helpful in answering questions and helping you work through a very emotional process. Would recommend him to anybody.

Joe H.

Ron was both knowledgeable and professional with my case. In my mind, my case was very unique as my debt was incurred in one state while my residence was now in another. His knowledge of the law in both DE and MD provided us the outcome we were looking for...a successful discharge of all debt. Thank you.


Ron Drescher is and has been during 3 years of very adversarial proceedings ...the best attorney I have known in thirty five years in business. He is prepared and thorough and honest. His billings are fair and accurate. He does not spend your time or money on lavish office space, keeps his rates reasonable and yet has years of experience. I could not have chosen a better firm.

John F.

Dear Ron,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you did in guiding me through a personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The initial meeting with you helped me come to the conclusion that the financial difficulties I faced could not be overcome in any other way. It was an opportunity for me to get on with my life.
At 69 years of age I was faced with real estate business failures well beyond my control or ability to fund. The Ch. 7 process allows me to use my skills in business to continue to work and hopefully enjoy the future rewards of my labor.
At every step along the way I had concerns about the process and you always promptly and patiently answered my questions. The library of short videos on your web site were just what I needed to understand all facets of the process.
Thank you for representing me


This is an easy recommendation. Ron Drescher is one of the finest bankruptcy attorneys you will ever find. The entire time, through this complex process, Mr. Drescher was amazing. Filing bankruptcy was such a difficult decision but he anticipated every aspect of the process expertly. I was so unsure of filing - even though there really was no other choice for me. However, with his guidance and experience he made me feel completely comfortable and informed. I have talked with many people who have gone through bankruptcy with other attorneys - and they did not get the same high level of professionalism that Mr. Drescher consistently demonstrated. His depth of knowledge about bankruptcy and the court system was extensive and comforting. He was completely available by any form of communication - email, text, phone, etc. I had dreaded the prospect of bankruptcy, but was forced into it after an ugly short sale gone bad. Going to Ron Drescher for advice was the best financial decision that I have ever made. He was able to help me re-establish my fiscal life and gain emotional piece of mind. I can't thank him enough. My advice - DON'T HESITATE, call him for advice today! He was so easy and comfortable to talk to. His knowledge is outstanding. Thanks!


I just wanted to comment about my experience with Ron Drescher. I have worked with Ron Drescher for several years as a creditor in bankruptcy and litigation matters. Ron promptly returns phone calls, is fair on his fees and thinks "outside the box" to help me and his other clients. Anyone who has a bankruptcy or creditor's matter in this area should definitely consider hiring Ron and his office.


Last year, our accountant recommended that we consider filing for bankruptcy after reviewing our financial situation. He cautioned us, however, to find a bankruptcy lawyer who was capable of handling an unusually complex case since we are both self employed in separate businesses and had other rather unique situations. We consulted our lawyer who recommended Ron Drescher who was able to help us through this most difficult and stressful process with relative ease. With his expert advice and assistance, we were able to retain the assets that we really cared about while helping us set up a doable plan to clear our debts and position us for retirement. We are most grateful to both Ron and his excellent staff and would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Stephen S.

Dear Ron,
I would like to take just a few moments to tell you in writing how much you have managed the most terrible times with our Corporate and personal bankruptcies, and created an atmosphere that has given us time to think and live relatively normal lives. Your professionalism and honesty and above all your moral character have led us down a path where we have maintained our dignity and allowed us to pursue life and business in a normal manner.
Thank you in many ways. You have kept our fees reasonable and have kept our schedules manageable while allowing us to pursue our future.
If you ever require client references please feel free to use this letter in your professional pursuits.
Very truly
John F

John F

After our first meeting I am actually starting to get a little excited about forming a plan that will allow me to keep my company, protect my family and retain good hard working people. I look forward to working with you and hopefully we can build a friendship at the same time.


That was the best job any lawyer has done before me in a long time.

United States Bankruptcy Judge

The best credit I give your client is that he picked you for his lawyer.

Opposing counsel

Thanks Ronald, have been very busy, with still working on saving my home and keeping up with my Music career ... thank you for your friendship/support and help in the work you did in helping me get past the problem you helped me solve. Thanks again for being the Wonderful Man/Human Being I feel you are.


Thank you for everything! You went above and beyond to help my wife and I through this, I sincerely appreciate all of your help and guidance. Fresh start feels good.


Our society’s functioning is conducted in large measure by professionals, skilled in theory and practice and dedicated to principles of fairness and equality. As a legal practitioner, Ron Drescher embodies these talents and tenets. Currently Ron is guiding me and my company through a maze of legal matters, providing stellar legal counsel along with practical, down-to-earth advice.
I can say without reservation, Ron’s assistance in my particular circumstances has been invaluable and I will always be indebted to him for the services he provided.


Ron did a great job for me. For my work, I have visited many attorney's offices. Ron's office is certainly not one of the fanciest looking facilities, but then who wants to pay for the highest office overhead. He looked at my situation and made numerous suggestions of things I should think about it. After considering my options, I decided to go with a suggestion that he made, that I hadn't even considered, before our meeting. I am very happy with the services that Ron provided.


Ron listened to my concerns and helped me and my family through a difficult time in our lives. He gave knowledgeable advice and responded to my questions in a timely fashion.


Most importantly to me was that Ron did not preach to me about my situation but offered solutions and suggestions without being pushy. He was very understanding and genuine. He is extremely sharp and his follow up is refreshing. He did not keep me waiting and understands my time is as valuable as his.


After long deliberation and many sleepless nights, I decided to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I was referred to Ron Drescher and upon our first meeting, I was made to feel important and my case was a priority. Mr. Drescher took the time to thoroughly listen to my situation and expertly guide me through the entire process. From beginning to end Mr. Drescher was able to answer all of my questions and employs an amazing assistant in Lauretta Tucker. I would feel very safe in referring Ron Drescher to any family members in need of his service.


Ron is the best. In my civil case, he gathered the facts, then 'kept the horses moving north' as we sought our remedy. Over a period of several months -- the delay always deliberate on the part of our adversaries -- Ron patiently (but strongly) advised a reasonable course of action. One, I might add, that was clearly in my best interest -- in terms of time, money, and continued emotional distraction -- but one which, in the emotion of the moment, I was hardly willing (or able) to consider. In the end, his 'velvet hammer' became 'steel', and my adversaries caved. Bottom line: I followed Ron Drescher's advice throughout the ordeal and am mighty glad I did.


Ron is exceptional at understanding his clients needs & working to meet the clients expectations and getting results. I expected a responsible attorney who spoke directly and honestly and gets solutions.. Ron did this for me.


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